10 Questions with a HypnoBabies instructor

1) What is labor hypnosis? Hypnosis for birth is a very effective way to prepare for a birth with fewer interventions and greater comfort. Many women report that their births were completely comfortable without any pain medications. Using hypnosis during labor is a great alternative to an epidural. Basically, you will have harnessed to power of your […]

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What is a Normal Feeding Routine? How Does it Change with Age?

The one thing that is certain with babies is they change every day. Knowing what the range of normal is for infant feeding can help parents make better decisions about the family rhythm. Exclusive Breastfeeding and Human Milk Feeding 0-6 weeks: This is the time when babies nurse constantly. Their tiny tummies want a constant […]

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New Baby Tips: Counting Diapers

Perhaps you’ve been told to count your baby’s diapers to make certain he is getting enough milk. The general rule in the first week is 1 diaper per day of life. How is a new mom supposed to remember that? Here is a way to label your diapers for the first week to help you […]

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