Gallery of Pumped Milk

Human milk changes color, texture, and composition throughout the day and as the baby ages. This gallery of milk is for informational purposes so mothers can feel confident that their milk still “looks good.” Some important points on the look of pumped milk: – The visible fat layer is not an indication of how much […]

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What to Expect When Pumping

Expressing milk for your baby can be one of the most affirming or daunting tasks. Filling your pumping bottles to the max can be a real boost of confidence, but is that normal or optimal? General recommendations for how to pump milk 1. A double electric pump is ideal for mothers who will be expressing […]

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Finding Your Perfect Pump

The perfect pump is the one that helps you have a healthy breastfeeding experience. With all the brands and attachments on the market, how do you choose? Here is a breakdown of what’s out there, and what the label really means. Manual vs. Electric Manual breast pumps often pump one breast at a time using […]

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