10 Reasons Breastfeeding is Best for the Holidays

1. A nursing baby is a quiet baby, especially at holiday events that require silence.

2. No bottles to travel with.

3. The stores are all closed, but the baby still has plenty of milk.

4. Nursing the baby is a great excuse to leave the room when family togetherness is overwhelming.

5. You’ll burn off those extra holiday cookie calories faster.

6. Nursing is a great way to warm up after a romp in the snow.

7. Nursing might be the only food a busy toddler gets who can’t stop playing with all the cousins.

8. Nursing is a great way to calm down if the mall Santa is a little scary.

9. If your family is staying in a new place, nursing to sleep can help your babe feel more cozy in the temporary digs.

10. Your friends and family will be proud of the healthy choice you’ve made.

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Holiday Travel for Breastfeeding Families

If you’re headed out of town with a new baby, you’re in for an adventure. Travel with the tiny one is something new and different. There will be a learning curve. There are many things to consider for making your trip as smooth as possible, but the one tried and true tip for new parents: give yourself plenty of time.


Car Travel

Some babies love the car. The gentle vibrations lull them right to sleep. Consider traveling during the time of day your baby naps or sleeps for longer stretches. That might not be night time! Nurse your baby just before getting into the car. Your baby may even nurse to sleep, giving you a quiet first hour or two to get out of town.

Some families pump and bottle feed expressed milk in the car, on the road. That way, the baby and mother don’t have to stop to nurse safely. A car adapter for an electric pump or a manual hand pump are two tools that can make this possible. However, since many new babies will require a diaper change after a feed, most families find it easier to stop every few hours for a family break.


Air Travel

Baby wearing is a great option for the airport. Most airlines allow passengers to check a car seat for free, so get that huge bulky thing checked and out of your way. Tuck your darling into a sling or wrap and be hands free. Many baby wearing wraps have easy holds for discrete nursing. Offer for your baby to nurse during take off and landing to help little ears adjust to the changing pressure.

If nursing in public is a concern, ask your co-parent or other family member to let you sit by the window for more privacy. If you’re flying alone, ask the flight attendant if there is an open seat where your baby can nurse. You’ll be pleasantly surprised how accommodating and friendly people can be when you have a brand new baby with you. A nursing baby is a quiet baby. The other passengers definitely approve of that.


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