What Does a Lactation Consultant Do?

IBCLCs provide a wide range of services and support for families expecting a new baby and families whose new baby has arrived. Oasis Lactation Services sees patients in their homes or via telehealth. Here’s a list of things you may use an IBCLC for: assess breast milk production and overall milk supply assess milk transfer […]

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New Baby Tips: Counting Diapers

Perhaps you’ve been told to count your baby’s diapers to make certain he is getting enough milk. The general rule in the first week is 1 diaper per day of life. How is a new mom supposed to remember that? Here is a way to label your diapers for the first week to help you […]

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Dirty Diaper Gallery

Moms pretty much worry constantly about what goes in and what comes out of our children. Trying to discern what “normal” poop looks like is nearly impossible. This gallery of poop and pee diapers aims to provide a variety of diaper experiences and age ranges. Special thanks to all the babies who so generously made […]

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