Supplemental At-Breast Feeding Kit for Relactation and Low Milk Production

This kit includes tools and instructions for feeding supplemental milk at breast and off breast. This kit is designed for mothers who are relactating, working to increase milk production, working to increase nursing in non-latching babies, and for babies who need off-breast feeding that is not by bottle. This kit enables off-breast feeding by cup, syringe, or tube. It enables at-breast feeding by syringe or tube. Instructions included. ~ $35

Supplement Kit

Supplement Kit (glass bottle not included)












Mastitis, Clog, and Engorgement Prevention Kit

This kit includes a blend of therapeutic essential oils in a roller ball dispenser and bags of whole herbs for making compresses. This kit is for mothers seeking a holistic approach to breast care. Ingredients include eucalyptus, lavender, and chamomile. Instructions included. This product is for topical use only. ~$32


Mastitis Kit

Mastitis Kit



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