Classes & Events

Some events and classes require pre-registration. Free public seminars and events  are indicated as *FREE*


Atlanta Baby and Child Expo


FAM2FAM for 50% off

We will be hosting the baby care lounge! Can’t wait to see you there!

*FREE* Mother to Mother Support Group

Pregnant and Postpartum moms are invited to an open Q&A about breastfeeding and baby care. Come as you are. Partners and children welcome. No registration is required.


Wednesday May 3rd 6:30-8:00pm

Wednesday June 7th 2016 6:30-8:00pm

Hosted at:       Precision Chiropractic, Roswell Corners, Sweet Apple Village,, 12040 Etris Rd d120, Roswell, GA 30075




Breastfeeding 101 ~ $50 per couple

Monday July 27th, 2015 6:30-9:30pm

Hosted at
Precision Chiropractic
1125 Woodstock Rd Ste 340
Roswell, Ga 30075

Click below to register. You will receive a confirmation email with a brief questionnaire about your growing family.



About Breastfeeding Education

Classes are designed with family wellness in mind. Classes are held in a group setting where mothers and their partners are both welcome. All mothers taking the class are encouraged to bring a support person (father, family member, nanny, doula, etc), but plenty of mothers come by themselves.

Breastfeeding 101: This class covers everything a family needs to know about breastfeeding and normal infant behavior from birth to 6 weeks. We discuss a birth plan that supports breastfeeding, breastfeeding after a surgical delivery, how to develop a long-term full milk supply, feeding positions and cues, infant behavior, and life with a new baby. The class has specific information for partner support and tips for first time fathers. ~ 3 hours, $50

Pumping Essentials: This class is designed for mothers who will provide pumped milk to an infant care provider.  Here you will get to see and touch real pumps, learn how they work, and explore the differences. Proper handling and storage of human milk is discussed as well as proper bottle feeding technique. Mothers are encouraged to bring their partner or care provider. ~ 1.5 hours,  $45

Baby Care Basics: This interactive class will teach you all the baby basics: soothe, swaddle, bathe, feed, diaper, and more. We will discuss evidence-based information about newborn feeding and sleep patterns as well as the most recent guidelines for infant safety in car seats. This class also includes a hand-on introduction to baby carriers and modern cloth diapers. This class is perfect for first time parents, or parents with older children who want a refresher and/or need the newest recommendations and guidelines. 2 hrs, $45

About Mother to Mother Support

Numerous studies show that peer support is one of the greatest predictors for breastfeeding mothers in meeting their goals, whatever those goals may be. This group supports breastfeeding families of all kinds: exclusive breastfeeding, breast and formula combo feeding, complimentary feeding, full term and toddler nursing, pumping moms, and everything in between. This group gives families a safe space to share their experiences from preconception to weaning and beyond. Mothers who are having breastfeeding concerns can have questions answered by the group. This group is also a great place to get first hand recommendations on services in our community for family wellness. Pregnant women are encouraged to attend as well. A trained LC will be present to moderate.

If you wish to host a group class in your home, office, or community building, please contact Danielle at 404.788.8517

We provide group instruction for special groups like mommy clubs, health care workers, and child care workers throughout the Atlanta Metro and North Georgia. 


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