Do I Need a Lactation Consult?


Plenty of moms have “just a quick question” about breastfeeding that really seems simple enough. Internet forums are an easy way to get quick answers or find links to published information. But what happens when that information is contradictory? Or what if your question has many layers that the forum didn’t consider? Or what if you just didn’t like the answers that you got?

It’s probably time to call the LC.

Most of the time, a breastfeeding question does not have a simple answer. Each mother-baby pair is unique and has unique needs. The solutions that may work for one family might be inaccessible to yours, culturally inappropriate, or medically inadvisable. Most breastfeeding “rules” describe feeding patterns for healthy, full-term infants. If your baby came early, was low birth weight, or has a health issue that is uncommon, those “rules” may not apply. A lactation counselor can walk you through the twists and turns of meeting your breastfeeding goals with your individual needs in mind.

The modern age allows people to share information more rapidly than ever before. Finding outdated information is one risk a family takes when researching breastfeeding answers. If you’re finding inconsistent information or solutions that just don’t seem right, trust your gut and call in the professional. An LC can help you sort through the studies to find the most current information and explain why certain recommendations have changed.

Many new moms worry that a phone call will end in another appointment with the doctor. Fortunately, many breastfeeding challenges can begin to disappear from a simple phone call. Many LCs make home visits as well, eliminating the struggle of leaving the house with a brand new hungry baby. If your baby’s needs are great, the LC will give you an action plan to feed your baby and protect your supply until you can be seen in person.

Just like your pediatrician says, “Just call us if you have questions,” LCs are pretty much the same way. Your family’s health matters.


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