10 Reasons Breastfeeding is Best for the Holidays


1. A nursing baby is a quiet baby, especially at holiday events that require silence.

2. No bottles to travel with.

3. The stores are all closed, but the baby still has plenty of milk.

4. Nursing the baby is a great excuse to leave the room when family togetherness is overwhelming.

5. You’ll burn off those extra holiday cookie calories faster.

6. Nursing is a great way to warm up after a romp in the snow.

7. Nursing might be the only food a busy toddler gets who can’t stop playing with all the cousins.

8. Nursing is a great way to calm down if the mall Santa is a little scary.

9. If your family is staying in a new place, nursing to sleep can help your babe feel more cozy in the temporary digs.

10. Your friends and family will be proud of the healthy choice you’ve made.

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