Milk and Cookies!

Lactation Cookies are oatmeal cookies filled with lactogenic ingredients that can help boost a mother’s milk production. While much of the evidence to support foods and herbs as galactogogues is strictly anecdotal, the mother-to-mother traditions of eating these foods are undeniably long standing.

The key ingredients are:


Ground Flax Seed

Brewer’s Yeast

If you have a favorite oat meal cookie recipe, simply add 2 tablespoons of ground flax seed and 2 tablespoons brewer’s yeast to your regular recipe. Chocolate chips, dried apricot chunks, or another chunky stir in make great additions to the cookies.

If you don’t want to hunt for your recipe, try this one from the Joy of Baking: Oat Meal Cookies

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Beware of Holiday Weaning

The holidays are a time when schedules seem to go out the window. Older babes who are well established with solids may be pillaging every plate they see. And Auntie or Granddad or Cousin are probably all too happy to share.

This is how accidental holiday weaning happens. You may notice that your babe has gone from nursing 8 or more times a day, down to just once or twice. For a young babe under one year, this switch to mostly solids can be hard on the still developing digestive system. Whats more, a young babe may not get enough fluids if many nursings have been replaced with solid food. Human milk should be the primary source of nutrition until the first birthday, with solids gradually being integrated according to the WHO and AAP. So how do you moderate?

1. Let your family know your baby’s needs before the food comes to the table. An ounce of prevention can prevent pounds of uncomfortable diapers.

2. Blame the Doc. If family members insist on feeding your babe, say the pediatrician said No.

3. Diaper fake out. Take your baby into a quiet room for a “diaper change” so you can nurse and have some down time.

4. Nurse before you get out of the car. You’ll walk into the party with a full baby.

5. Make up for missed nursings at night. Your baby may wake more often to nurse at night if you’re staying away from home. Use this as an opportunity to get vital milk into him.

6. Let your baby feed herself at family meal time. She can pace her intake according to her own hunger. Plus, messy sweet potato face photos will be a great keepsake.



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Holiday Travel for Breastfeeding Families

If you’re headed out of town with a new baby, you’re in for an adventure. Travel with the tiny one is something new and different. There will be a learning curve. There are many things to consider for making your trip as smooth as possible, but the one tried and true tip for new parents: give yourself plenty of time.


Car Travel

Some babies love the car. The gentle vibrations lull them right to sleep. Consider traveling during the time of day your baby naps or sleeps for longer stretches. That might not be night time! Nurse your baby just before getting into the car. Your baby may even nurse to sleep, giving you a quiet first hour or two to get out of town.

Some families pump and bottle feed expressed milk in the car, on the road. That way, the baby and mother don’t have to stop to nurse safely. A car adapter for an electric pump or a manual hand pump are two tools that can make this possible. However, since many new babies will require a diaper change after a feed, most families find it easier to stop every few hours for a family break.


Air Travel

Baby wearing is a great option for the airport. Most airlines allow passengers to check a car seat for free, so get that huge bulky thing checked and out of your way. Tuck your darling into a sling or wrap and be hands free. Many baby wearing wraps have easy holds for discrete nursing. Offer for your baby to nurse during take off and landing to help little ears adjust to the changing pressure.

If nursing in public is a concern, ask your co-parent or other family member to let you sit by the window for more privacy. If you’re flying alone, ask the flight attendant if there is an open seat where your baby can nurse. You’ll be pleasantly surprised how accommodating and friendly people can be when you have a brand new baby with you. A nursing baby is a quiet baby. The other passengers definitely approve of that.


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